What is Reflexology?

Despite looking like a foot massage, a reflexology treatment is far more profound. Reflexology works on the theory of Qi (pronounced Chee) – an invisible energy field or life force that flows through the different channels or zones in the body. The theory is that if your Qi is disrupted or blocked through stress, injury, illness, toxicity or congestion, then the body becomes imbalanced, unable to heal itself and pain can develop. 

Reflexology aims to remove any blockages and allow Qi to flow freely through the whole body until a state of balance, known as homeostasis, is achieved. 

By stimulating different areas shown on the reflexology foot chart, reflexologists improve the flow of energy to the linked body part and restore the balance and flow of Qi. This allows a deep state of relaxation which encourages the body to heal itself. Reflexology helps the production of endorphins – chemicals which help to reduce pain and stress.

Benefits of Reflexology

Balance Energy: the flow of Qi throughout the body
Improve Circulation: of blood, nutrients and nerve signals
Improve Health: boost the immune system
Promote Healing
Cleanse The Body: from various toxins
Release Endorphins: chemical which help to reduce pain and stress
Promote Relaxation

Reflexology is safe, non-invasive, natural treatment, without the need for drugs or chemicals.